Operating Partners

Capital alone does not create the next unicorn. The Craft Operating Team is designed to help founders with the highest value counsel and services to support their growth. From public relations, digital marketing and community development, to recruiting, legal and government relations, Craft’s Operating Team is made up of senior, former operators who provide the strategy, mentorship, and advice founders need every step of the way.

Advice & Support



People are the lynchpin between a great idea and a great company. Craft helps founders find the best talent across functions - from product and engineering, to marketing, sales and G&A.


PR and Communications

One of the first things founders need is help architecting an earned marketing strategy. Craft helps founders build their most compelling narrative and then broadcast it to the world through PR, social, content and thought leadership.


Executive Briefing Center

Craft’s Executive Briefing Center connects our founders with C-level executives from the Fortune 1000 to promote knowledge and accelerate growth.


Performance Marketing

Growth initiatives are critical for startups at every stage. From digital advertising, influencer marketing and content marketing, to social media and email marketing, Craft helps founders build campaigns, optimize for best results, rinse and repeat.


Government Relations and Legal Affairs

Everyday, founders are confronted with a morass of legal, regulatory and compliance issues. Some need guidance on risk mitigation and financing, others are operating in regulated industries, while others see government as an attractive market segment.  We help our founders identify and prioritize the areas where they need help, connect them to the right resources and provide ongoing support.


Information Security

Security best practices have never been more critical. From viruses, phishing, adware and spyware to DOS and DDOS attacks, founders face a growing threat from unknown rogue forces. Craft helps assess the security implications of product design and use, advises on how to approach and solve problems and code and infrastructure audits as needed.