Mike Marg


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Mike is a partner on the Craft investment team, based in San Francisco. Prior to Craft, Mike was part of the go-to-market teams at Dropbox, Slack, and most recently at Clearbit, where he built the SDR function and served as Head of New Business Sales. Mike is passionate about building and designing web apps in his spare time, creating InterviewX in 2019 to help sellers interview for jobs more effectively.

He loves spending time with founders to help think through and map out the go-to-market motion, and writes a Substack about go-to-market strategy called EarlyGTM. Mike began his career at Prudential Global Investment Management in real estate private equity, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, where he played varsity baseball.

Notable Investments
Simplified, Zipper
Board Member or Observer

Atrium, FingerprintJS, Orum, Outbound, People Data Labs, Primer, Salesroom, SentiLink, UserGems

Bottom Up SaaS, Enterprise Land and Expand, APIs, GTM Tech