“We had several firms to choose from and we decided to go with Craft. I can honestly tell you this was one of the absolute best decisions I've ever made.”
Zeb Evans


“David has been a believer in our vision for OpenPhone from the start. The Craft team has helped us with product feedback, PR and content strategy, go-to-market strategy and support across the board. We wouldn't be where we are today without the support and mentorship of the Craft team.”
Daryna Kulya and Mahyar Raissi


“Especially if you’re Bottom Up SaaS, Craft is SUPER helpful and will work very hard on your behalf. They led our Series B last year, and have been tremendously helpful on all kinds of things, especially sales and marketing exec/staff hiring, planning, forecasting, and messaging. Craft has really helped us leverage our product-led growth and not get stuck in the legacy model of enterprise sales.”
Quinn Slack and Beyang Liu


“Jeff’s strategic thinking and decisive personality makes him a valuable advisor to Route. In addition, his network of relationships is stellar and he is more than willing to tap into those on Route’s behalf. Our executive team has sought Jeff’s advice on everything from hiring top talent to dealing with turbulence in personal relationships.”
Evan Walker


“Jeff has been an invaluable thought partner, board member, and mentor. His analytical rigor, combined with deep operating experience, has helped us improve everything from our unit economics to our organizational structure.  It's clear he's walked a couple miles in our shoes before and that makes him an invaluable partner as we scale---as both a company and as leaders.”
Lennie Sliwinski

Cloud Trucks

"David, Jeff and Ethan have been absolutely great to work with. They believed in CloudTrucks before anyone else did (they were the first check into the company) and have invested in every round since. David has also been a trusted adviser and has been helpful in providing very thoughtful strategic insights on everything from product and sales to the core KPIs to track for success. The Craft team is extremely knowledgeable and is simply the best on all things SaaS and marketplaces."
Tobenna Arodiogbu


“Jeff and Chris are important strategic partners for our company. Jeff’s background in creating efficient marketplaces is indispensable and Chris’s previous operating experience dealing with government officials and community leaders has proven useful as we work together with legislators to help put people back to work after the pandemic."
Alvin Salehi


“Craft led our Series A round at Bird and David is consistently a top board member. He is the person I reach out to first for advice when I have a difficult decision to make: He is a great strategic adviser, sounding board, and company builder.  The Craft team also introduced us to our subsequent growth round leads and has been invaluable when it comes to recruiting, communications, and government relations.”
Travis VanderZanden


“Craft has been a great partner for us. After leading our Series A, they have provided tremendous support over the last 1.5 years. From strategic counsel to crisis communications, recruiting and closing candidates, corporate positioning to everyday problem solving, the Craft team is highly responsive and always willing and able to help.”
Sara Spangelo and Ben Longmier
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