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Over the past 25 years, Sky Dayton has founded and built companies that have helped propel the Internet into our everyday lives.

After graduating high school at 16, Sky chose to forgo college to pursue his interests in business and technology. Before age 20, he had co-founded a popular West Hollywood coffee house and a computer graphics agency.

In 1994 at age 23, Sky founded EarthLink, which grew to serve millions of consumers and helped usher in the internet revolution. Sky went on to found, co-found, or help build companies with an aggregate market value of over $20 billion. Since 1999, these include JAMDAT Mobile (which went public, then purchased by Electronic Arts in 2005), LowerMyBills (purchased by Experian in 2005), Neopets (purchased by Viacom in 2005), (purchased by RH Donnelly in 2007), Helio (purchased by Virgin Mobile USA in 2008), Boingo Wireless (founded in 2001, went public in 2011), Ring (purchased by Amazon in 2018), TTR (purchased by Avalara in 2020), Swarm (purchased by SpaceX in 2021), and Joby Aviation (went public in 2021).

Sky was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the University of Southern California, served on the board of the Center for Public Leadership at the Kennedy School at Harvard University, and currently serves on the Parents’ Advisory Board at Stanford University.

Notable Investments
Board Member or Observer

Age of Learning, Artsy, CloudKitchens/City Storage Systems, Diffbot, Joby Aviation, Loft Dynamics

Extraordinary Founders, Companies Tackling Hard Problems
Loft Dynamics, Swarm (SpaceX)